Tuesday, May 10

My life makes me giggle

ok so i am going way out of order of my life and things I want to blog but this has just being growing and is now so huge I must vent about everything!

So CLS has this friend named C. They met 2 summers ago while studying abroad during the summer.

CLS thought he was normal, and they became friends. I am not sure the exact order and timing of things but once they got back to school in America that fall, at some point C went crazy, professed his love for my boy and became stalkerish.

I guess this has been going on for sometime, CLS tried to get rid of him but it doesnt work. He deleted him off fb, stopped hanging out with him, and even now barley responds.

But C does not stop.

I read all the text messages. CLS knows, he shows me.

Apperently C is getting very jealous of me, I feel like his the other women, or I am, I am not sure. SO confusing.

But here are a few of my favorite things C has said:

-"You always ignore me when you are with her but talk to her when you are with me"
-"You have to choose."
-"You always make time for her on my weekends but never make time for me on her weekends."
-"You can read her this because I am assuming she is laying besides you."
-"Sorry I just had to get my jealousy comment in there someplace."
-"The more you like her, the less I like you."

Yes it is weird. He is extremely jealous of me, thinks I just "showed up" in CLS's life recently, does not allow CLS to talk to me when they are together (even though he always does), gets angry when me and CLS do things together (sorry they are dates, I am allowed to go on dates with him) and sends him many novels (extremely long text messages).

He tried to convince CLS not to come out to visit me last weekend because their school year is almost over and he didn't think it was a good use of his time.

He told him I am not allowed to come to Senior Night (you can bring one guest) because he would be too jealous. Well I am DEFINTLY going now.

Wants to go away together for the weekend.

Wants to have sleepovers with him. Yes he says sleepovers, with no sleep. Kill me now.

I was getting very freaked out by all of this. So I did talk about it with CLS and apparently C has talked about suicide in the past and so CLS feels he cant just bail.

Ok I understand that but last night he kept texting him accusing him of being with me and spending too many nights with me (sorry I'm not sorry its totally true). Then this morning he sent him 3 extremely long texts and told him he had to choose, WHO DOES THAT? I never even told him to choose.

This is just redic. And I will be kissing CLS and holding his hand, and innocently touching him ALL night senior night.

Off to the gym to get all skinny and pretty for Senior Night next week.

This is sooooo weird

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