Sunday, April 24



I absolutely love Easter. To me it marks the real beginning of spring and summer!

We could not have asked for more perfect weather today. It has been around 80 with no clouds and a light breeze.

I am the kind of person who loves being home for holidays. I can not stand being away from home, however Easter has always been different for me.

When I was younger we always had a huge celebration at my grandmothers, easter egg dying, easter egg hunt, baskets, brunch, dinner and family time. But as we have gotten older it has gotten harder.

Also I have missed Easter a few time due to studying abroad. And so Easter has become more of my mother and I going to a wonderful Brunch at Stien Erickson in Park City, UT that looks over the snowy mountains. And I love it.

But this year, with Easter being so late, and all the traveling my parents are doing, I was just fine spending it with friends.

My friend Katherine and I had plans to go to morning church and then brunch just the two of us, our other close friends are Jewish, so although we invited them to join us after, it ended up being just us which was perfect.

Originally we were going to go to a brunch buffet at a local resort but were nowhere near hungry enough to justify it. So we ended up at a cute local cafe. We got mimosas and coffee. I got french toast and she got a delicious omelet.

Afterwards neither of us wanted to go home so we headed to Trader Joes, she got coffee ice cream and I picked up some daffodiles, they are so cheap and last for about a week, if not longer. I try to get new flowers every week. I put them in a mason jar and cheer up my room.

Then we just drove around with the windows down because it was too lovely out to go home.

But now I am stuck in the library for the rest of the day studying for a horrible week ahead!

But once Thursday comes I will be done. This weekend is going to be so exciting and so fun!

5 more days!!

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