Tuesday, April 19

First Kiss Stories

I think romantic, sweet, awweee, worthy first kiss stories these days are so rare. And I think that is such a sad thing. I think that when your dating the most often question you get is "how did you meet?" When you're engaged "how did he ask?" becomes just as frequent. But a first kiss story is just as important, maybe you dont share it as often but its a milestone and should be treated as one.

I've said this before and will say it many more times, but I hate how so many "relationships" begin these days. I dont mind hearing you met in a bar, or at college, or through a friend, but I am a firm believer in the best relationships are the ones with the best stories.

I want to tell my children an original story of how I met their father, and our first kiss, our first date, how he proposed etc. I want stories, and memories, and ones I am not ashamed of, ones that I am proud and excited to share with them and others.

I am in no means void of my drunken make out stories. I have had plenty of first kisses in bars while intoxicated, more then my fair share of random make outs that only happened once, and regrettable nights. (If you ever heard half of my stories of studying abroad, but what happens below the equator stays below the equator.)

And while all of these may be things I regretted in the morning, they have come to be funny stories, memories and more then anything things that I have learned from.

Besides D, who our yes our first kiss was on a dance floor in Chile, we were still in Chile. So if we had ended up together, which there was never even the chance, we still had the default, "we met while studying abroad in south america" line.

But I would consider myself to have two good first kiss stories. One being my first kiss, and the other with CLS, who I happen to have a good meeting story with as well.

My first kiss was at my 12th birthday party. It was a sleepover party, a bunch of my friends and I were at the beach. A super cute boy, lets name him RC, was out surfing and a few of us decided to swim out to him. It was sunset, yes cliché, but it was. And I had the biggest crush on RC. So we were all hanging out on his board in the water, I had Kiss Me Its My Birthday written on my arm as a joke. Someone mentioned it. And yes yes he kissed me.

The next is with CLS. We had been friends for almost 2 and a half years. Yes and I had liked him that entire time. Pathetic I know. But we started hanging out again. We went to a Lakers game, and afterwards, no kiss. The next night we went out, again no kiss. So frustrated I called him out over text. Lame I know but too awkward to do in person. He had some good points, he wasnt going to kiss me when I was drunk, half asleep, angry at him, etc. Which was frustrating but I am so glad.

The next night we went to the movies. We saw No Strings Attached, as much as I love that movie, dont see it with a boy you haven't even kissed. But after the movie we drove back to his house and we were acting like little middle schoolers, so giddy and smiley and giggly because we both knew what was coming.

We got back to his house and he parked and we were standing next to my car, talking, and in the middle he kissed me. We were both smiling and happy and it was so innocent. We kept talking and kissing here and there, just pecks but it was so perfect.

(By far not our first kiss, but our first kissing picture, so it kind of counts, also I love this one)

I am glad he waited till the perfect moment. I am glad that is what I can tell people and not he kissed me when I was half asleep, half drunk after the game. Or mad at him after a night out.

Now he will kiss me no matter what, he'll kiss me when I am drinking, or eating, mad at him, yelling, walking away, or half asleep. But the first one mattered most.

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