Friday, April 22

Earth Day

So I am sitting in Starbucks drinking my free coffee because it is earth day and of course I have my reusable cup and realized how easy it is to be green.

Earlier this morning I saw a commercial from Starbucks about how they had people trade in their paper cup for a plastic reusable one, and the amount of paper cups, from just one day, in one city was shocking to me.

I have been using my mug for a while. I have been through three, because yes I break or lose them, but my three is much less then what I would have been using in paper cups over the past 5 years.

I have always had the one from starbucks, since high school, where you create your own, you unscrew the bottom and put yours in. And I love it. Right now it looks like this...

..right now it is one I made at the scrapbook store. It has my monogram and a sailboat. It cost me about $1.25 to make. And I can change it anytime I want.

I also use reusable water bottles. I use the Voss glass bottles.

Its about 2 dollars and I use them over and over. I am sorry but paying a dollar or more for water is just annoying to me. Also I hate drinking out of plastic and then tossing it.

I also have a cold tumbler for everything! I drink water out of it, ice tea, ice coffee, smoothies, everything and anything goes in it!

Now I do have to admit I do not always have them on me, and it actually makes feel bad when I buy water or use a paper cup.

I havent (except for the rare occasion) boughten water in 3 years. The nice thing about Voss bottles is they can stay in your car, while yes it may get warm but they wont ruin like plastic ones.

I am sure that I have not only saved a lot of money on water and other benefits companies offer when you bring in your own cup, but I have drastically reduced my carbon footprint.

If its hard for you to remember your cup make it a rewards system. Every time you fill up your own water-bottle, put a dollar in a shoe fund, you will be surprised how quickly you get that new pair of heals but just not buying water.

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