Sunday, March 6

So Close to Break

I did this for the first week in February and it helped SO much. The I got so busy and didnt put in the time it takes, about 10 minuets, to plan out my week. And surprise my weeks were such disasters.

The best part about having these schedules is the fact that it is written out in front of me. I can see what I need to accomplish and actually get it done. It also allows me to look up my schedule from anywhere, in case God forbid I without my Lily planner.

This week is my last week until SPRING BREAK!!

Originally I was going to Vegas and then home, then I was not going to Vegas and I was just going home. NOW I am going home, going to Vegas and then going home again. I am going home because I told CLS I would, and now he seems genuinely excited and as much as I dont want to spend the extra time and money to go home twice (as well as the perk of actually being able to hurt him for ONCE), I know I will regret it if I do not go.

So with all the traveling, and adventures, and checking in at the office where I will be interning this summer, Spring Break does not seem to look relaxing!

Heres to getting through these last few days, and all the adventures and memories Spring Break has to offer!

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