Wednesday, March 16

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

For the past three days I have been in Salt Lake City, Utah for an internship interview with Goldman Sachs, more about that in a later post. But I thought it fitting to dedicate my What I'm Loving to things I love about this place.

  1. Red Rock Steak Salad. I know that sounds like the weirdest thing but it amazing. I literally came up here just to be sure I could eat one. I would have been happy just having one, and I would have done anything to get to Red Rock as well. But as fate would have it the hotel I was put in happened to be located one block over from one of the only two locations! So naturally I walked there both nights. Got the same meal, a steak salad and carrot cake with a side of extra frosting, both times. And do not regret a bite!! I sat at the bar both times and the second night, randomly two men sat on each side of me and asked what was good and I told them, and I explained my little story. And they both ended up ordering one. I feel so accomplished. I am going to end my obsession here, because this is already ridiculously long for a post about a salad and I know I could go much longer.

  2. Our Ranch House: My parents bought this house on somewhat of a whim. For what it is, and what it is worth right now it was a huge steal. We bought it mostly for the land, the house is suppose to be a fixer upper and besides tearing down the barn and guest house, we haven't done a thing! We have been so busy and with the economy, the timing is just so crazy. I love this house because honestly my best summer was spent in it. We had a party in it got busted by the cops, and while that may seem like a horrible memory, almost 3 years later, we still talk about it. It was my first summer in PC and talk about making a name for my self. It was also the summer I met CLS, thats a story in its self. And why nothing was very eventful that summer, I can never look back on that summer without remembering good times. I love every summer (okay expect for one) memory. That summer changed me more then anything and it was a huge turning point. But I guess this house means more to me then just that summer, I love the winters and summers, and every thing this house reminds me of. It also has the most amazing view of the mountains.

  3. Main Street: PC's Main street is a typical small town Main Street. 4th of July parades, bars, restaurants, shops etc. But I do love spending the day wondering up and down. Plus amazing people watching during Sundance.

  4. Park City Racquet Club: Without this place that summer would never have happened, I never would have met CLS, and I dont think I would love PC without what it gave me. And to think my mom practically forced me to teach lessons that summer. Thanks mom?

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