Thursday, March 3


I am sorry but I think "dating" these days SUCKS. People no longer "date" or get to know each other. The majority of relationships these days start after a month or two of hooking up and hanging out drunk.

People rarely met, go out to dinner, talk, do things and then start to date. I am sorry but I think that sucks.

By no means do I expect that I am going to marry someone I have met at school but even so you never know how things will play out. And I do not want to tell my children that I met their father while I was wasted one night, we made out in a bar and then started sleeping together and eventually hung out one and one.

I dont want to tell my kids I did that ever.

I am not even sure how to define date anymore.

Is it a date if its just the two of you doing something? Or does the boy have to ask you out, drive and pay? And the rest is just "hanging out?"

Either way, whatever me and CLS have been doing, prior present and future, I am officially saying we went on our first real date.

He asked me.
Took me to dinner.

By no means am I saying that what we were doing before were not "date" (I am leaving that up to his discretion).

In our friendship (sorry I refuse to say relationship) I always pick where we go, what we do, when we do it etc. And I am not saying it because he doesn't want to, I just do it because I am controlling and Type A while he is much more relaxed and go with the flow.

It was so much more exciting to let him be in charge. He picked this amazing restaurant, I cant remember the name but I have the card (yes I am cheesy and keep something from everything we do together). It wasn't some chain, big name standard default place.

He either looked it up or heard about it from someone else. It was a perfect date place, the lighting, the mood, everything. And it wasn't like a "romantic" place. Which I really appreciate. I don't do romantic.

He also ordered wine. What is this? Are we really growing up where we go to dinner, on a date, to a cute downtown chic restaurant and get wine with our meal? I could get use to this.

Oh and he didnt order wine, he got sangria. I don't know if he just thought I would like it, or if I told him about my recent love of it but he definitely got major points for that. I wasn't even going to drink!

We got these appetizers, bacon wrapped octopuses. Amazing.

At the end of the night I offered to split the bill with him, because I know that he actually works while I just get money given to me. But he paid. The whole thing, didnt even let me try to offer.

So I guess my point of this rant is that dating these days blows. It is so difficult to actually get a boy to take you on one, no matter how much they like you.

I think we need to bring first dates back, and get rid of first drunken hook ups.

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