Sunday, April 3

Why I dont have Facebook

I have been known to deactivate my facebook from time to time. I started doing it freshmen or sophomore year, I cant remember exactly, but I did it because of finals and I wanted to get ride of the distraction. I have zero self control.

So I have done it on and off for mainly school reasons ever since. Sometimes when I have an extremely regrettable weekend I would deactivate it as well.

I also have a ridiculous amount of pictures so when I dont have a facebook, people notice when their pictures disappear. But I dont think I have ever deactivated it for more then a week.

I originally deactivated facebook this time because
  1. Internship prepping/interviews
  2. My aunt was creeping, and telling my mom
  3. People started asking/making assumptions about me and CLS
  4. I didnt want to see CLS's profile and stress over the little dumb things
I have kept it deactivated because I am so much more productive without it, I worry less about things that dont mean anything and honestly people dont ask me so many questions about things that are non of their business. I always thought the unwritten rule of facebook, was stalk your heart out but never admitt to it. I mean GO ahead, I know I post a ton of photos and people stalk but do not admit to it or ask me about things when we dont talk in real life.

I want to get FB back so I can be friends with C and J. And because I know CLS says he wants me to come back because he misses seeing all of our pictures. But I dont want to come back until him and I figure out what we are. I know we arent in high school but I want to be FBO as pathetic as it is and I dont know if I will come back till I get that. Or I get at least something.

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