Saturday, April 9

I hate distance

I understand I am slightly crazy. But I have learned to keep my crazy thoughts to myself. And my blog.

And nothing between me and CLS has changed, well things have gotten so much better. But nothing has happened that should make me think I am losing him. But I can't help but feel that way.

I am blaming it on the distance. Because if we were in the same city, heck even the same state, the way we are would be perfect! But the distance makes me doubt everything.

There has always been distance with us. But for some reason right now its making me so unhappy and freaking me out. I think it is because so many people ask me what we are and all I can say is friends. Which is true and a-okay with me. Okay not that okay but I am dealing with it.

We have not had the talk and I can not be the one to bring it up. I just want some kind of reassurance and security but no! I have to try and act chill.

I am not chill.

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