Tuesday, March 29

Are drunken words really sober thoughts?

We use to say "I love you" all the time. And it was no big deal.

About a month or two into our friendship I said it once and he said that was a "big word" and somehow love turned into "four letters"

I four you.
I four-letter you.
Four you.

We would say it all the time. Both I love you and I four you and really I never thought of it because we were not involved.

Even after not being friends for that two year span, we started saying it again. It was like saying it to a friend. Because that is what we were.

That is what we are.

But ever since we started going on "dates" and doing whatever we are doing now, we dont say it.

Which do not get me wrong, I am so thankful for that.

But he got drunk on Saturday and called me. No big deal of course. But we were talking and he said it.

We were talking about how much he hates something, and I got angry and he said "just because I hate Arizona, doesn't mean I dont love you."

It caught me off guard but I just kept the conversation going, and he noticed definitely noticed it because about a minuet later he said "I may hate arizona but I still like you"

Then we lost service and he sent me a text saying "I love you"

All I said back was dont say that.

We talked on the phone a while later, after we hung up I got a text saying "I four you."

I said "I miss you too."

I know he realized it again because of the conversation we had on Sunday and how he was acting in the morning.

It really is no big deal. I mean who doesn't love everyone when they are drunk. I say it all the time, I am pretty sure the bouncers and bartenders at our favorite bar don't go a weekend with out me professing my love for them.

And me and him use to say it all the time, so I am sure it just slipped out.

But at the same time we have both been so careful about NOT saying it, and very careful with our word choice when it comes to talking about anything to do with us that it still has me thinking.

It was a little much for a sober Saturday.

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