Wednesday, February 23

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

I have been using BareMinerals foundation for a few months and I love it. Can not use anything else anymore. If you do not already have it, go get some! But I forgot eye shadow this weekend while I was at home and even though I do not always wear eye shadow, only special occasions, dinner with CLS is definitely considered a very important special time. I have been wanting BM eye shadow and Nordstrom was having a sale over christmas I totally regret getting, but I finally got a pink color, and it is the best! BM will soon be the only thing in my make up bag.
Sour Patch Watermelon. My favorite favorite candy! They actually had them at the movies this weekend and it made me so happy!
The NPR app. On my very long drive home from school this past weekend I got so sick of listening to my music and I really do love listing to NPR in the mornings. So while in the middle of nowhere I figured they must have NPR. And the iphone has an app for it! You can either listen through your iphone/ipod or it will find the local station for it. It kept me sane on my drive, I will never go with out it!
Tory Burch Flats. Yes I know these are not anything new, but after a lot of drama (I tried to order the suede ones off line, and almost got ripped off) I finally purchased my first pair. I love them, they go with everything and will be perfect for the office this summer. Next I want nude/tan ones!
My crystal ZGallerie mouse. I am not sure if they sell them anymore but it makes my homework so much more enjoyable. I am trying to ONLY go on my computer at my desk so that I am more productive (no more laying in bed and being lazy!). And when I work at my desk I get to use my mouse. I lost it once before and luckly ZG had them on sale when I had to get my other one!

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