Friday, February 18

Getting things together

I think it is safe to say that this tends to be a very accurate description of every college kids life and study habits. But I am vowing here and now to no have my life be like. Especially on the night before a test at 7 pm.

The calendars I made last week helped a tremendous amount so they will be staying! I get things done on the day I say as opposed to making a list of things to do for the week and pushing everything off to Sunday night. Not fun.

I had two test this week and was stressed out and studying for hours straight and I hated it. One of my New Years resolutions was to keep up with my readings for class as opposed to reading them all the night before (as I did) and it is not okay.

  1. I will stop procrastinating, there are syllabuses for a reason
  2. I will not sleep past 9 (maybe expect for sunday)
  3. I will go to morning practice no matter what time I went to bed the night before
  4. I will go to the gym 6 days a week, if I have "too much to do" that is my own fault due to procrastination and it is not a good excuses.
  5. I will fold and put away laundry right away
  6. I will make my bed each morning
  7. I will not go to bed with a messy room, things on my floor or a cluttered desk
  8. I will focus on the positives
  9. I will work on friendships that benefit me, not just have friends to have more friends
  10. I will read my alloted 20-30 minuets a day
  11. I will get dressed for class, not just wear norts and ts
  12. I will not spend so much time in my room, I will go outside, to a cafe, a bookstore, anywhere but laying in bed all day vegging.

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