Wednesday, February 16

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

Words With Friends. I made CLS start playing with me, and yes he is definitely more intelligent then me, he takes for ever to play back and I have also decided who ever goes first is so important! I am also a very bad speller in general so I am not too good. But I love playing!
I lost my green pencil. I have had it all through out college. I had to by a new one, and its actually a really cool purple. These are the best pencils in the world. I can not use any other kind.

Decision Points. I started reading this last week and I absolutely love it. I dont care if you liked Bush or not, it is a great book about our country and how things happened from the point of view of someone in power. And I am not ashamed at all to say I balled the entire 9/11 chapter.
Sherrie Berries. My dad sends these to me every Valentines. I love them. I usually try to make them last at least a week but I think I am going to finish them tonight. They have more then just strawberries and gifts for every occasion. They are having a promotion for Susan G Koman for the cure, check it out, they are even discounted! such a great price.

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